• c. 1910
    From the Hannis Distillery of West Virginia, USA. A pre-Prohibition 'Old Tom' style gin of the type popular in both the UK and US toward the end of the 19th Century. This type of gin was specified in many of the gin cocktails in the earliest bartender guides. 'A once in a lifetime drinking encounter to experience and wonder about.'
  • 1910
    From the Chateau de Bourg Cognac House, owned by the Marnier Lapastolle family known as the producers of Grand Marnier. A fine example of cognac produced just as the quality of vineyards had recovered from the Phylloxera epidemic of a generation before.
  • 1930s
    Hiram Walker Distillery, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A fascinating piece of history. Walker's deluxe was and still is produced by the company famous for Canadian Club. This bottle was produced during the latter days of Prohibition and shipped to California for 'medicinal purposes'.
  • Believed Distilled 1860s
    From the Hannis Distillery of West Virginia, USA Produced by the same long-lost distillery as our Hannisville Rye. Another true time capsule experience to the days of Jerry Thomas and Harry Johnson, godfathers of the cocktail. Extremely limited supply.

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