GQ Magazine

9 Surprising cocktail ingredients from The Nightjar

'We accompanied Nightjar bartender Martina Breznanova on her fortnightly visit to New Covent Garden Market to discover the surprising ingredients you can use to upgrade your cocktails.'


Evening Standard

The Best Dive Bars in London

“Nightjar is full of twenties character without being gimmicky."

The Telegraph

Cock-roach Tales: how top bartenders are using bugs in our drinks

'I delve in, pinching a worm by the tail and popping it on the tongue. Unlike in the movie, I don’t spit them out to a chorus of laughter. They actually taste rather good – adding an earthy element to an otherwise sweet drink.'

Evening Standard

BarChick's cocktail of the week: Beyond the Sea at Nightjar

'Have you ever had a cocktail with sea plankton as an ingredient? Thought not.'



Best Bars In London

“This place has nailed the whole speakeasy thing." 

Time Out

50 Best Cocktail Bars in London

“Cocktails from every era in a properly sophisticated Shoreditch bar."

The Londonist


London's Most Glamorous Bars

"The jewel in the crown of the London cocktail scene, Nightjar…"

The Guardian

10 of the Best Late Night Bars in London - as chosen by the experts

"It (Nightjar) really is the best in the world at what it does." 

The Guardian


15 London Bars We Love (& You Will, Too)

'You'll swear you've stepped onto the set of Boardwalk Empire.'

Bar Magazine

UK’s bars and bartenders up for global Spirited Awards

'The “top 10” for each of the categories features 22 London bars alongside the best from other countries around the world, chosen by judges from more than 2,000 nominees ... White Lyan and the Nightjar are also in the top 10 for best international cocktail bar alongside Artesian at the Langham hotel and Happiness Forgets'

Time Out

Bite to drink? The best savoury cocktails in London
5 June 2015
'It looks like a prop from a stage version of ‘Lord of the Flies’ which has been used to bale out a malfunctioning washing machine, but it tastes great.'

Bloody good show! The best bloody mary’s in London
24 May 2015
'Fiery to taste, gorgeous to look at and with unspecified vegetables that probably contribute to your five-a-day – there’s nothing to regret here.'



Mix it up: World's Best Bar finalist Nightjar has a new cocktail menu

'Nightjar is one of London’s – nay, the world’s – best bars. It’s a true destination venue and the only place in the country that successfully nails the speakeasy theme'

GQ Magazine


Six of the UK's best bars

'The UK's bar scene might be chock-full of Prohibition-style speakeasies, but Nightjar stands out from the crowd by simply being the best of the lot.'

The Guardian

Flavour expert and former Heston Blumenthal protege Rachel Edwards-Stuart runs scientific gastronomy events 

'Next is a shot of “electric vodka” made with Szechuan buttons (the buds of the Szechuan flower), a rare ingredient Rachel is developing into a cocktail bitters in collaboration with the Nightjar bar'




30 August 2014
Five of the Best: Cocktail Bars In London
'Pitch up on the low-slung seating in your best vintage gear, to listen to the live jazz and swing, with a well-shaken French 75 in hand.'

26 April 2014
What’s My Weekend: Kieran Clancy
'I'll then head down to The Nightjar for a few of their wonderful cocktails'


Evening Standard

London still king of the cocktails as the Artesian Bar takes top spot in World's 50 Best Bars 2014 Awards

'Old Street's The Nightjar is still making us super proud with a brilliant third position ... think rare and revived numbers such as Switchels and Boxcars.'

New York Times

A Round of Cocktails, Around the World

'Now within the last five years, the guys who studied with him, they’re taking over, giving London a breath of fresh air. Marian Beke at Bar Nightjar, one of these make-believe speakeasies, is incredibly inventive, uses lots of garnishes.'