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Bar Food

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We’re delighted to announce that we have a new kitchen residency with Chunky Buddha. This Pan Asian street food sensation has been popping up all over East London over the past few years. Half Vietnamese and half Chinese, Chef Lee Chau Le's menu is inspired by his upbringing and cultural influences. Each dish is created with genuine love, passion and years of hard work.

Please note that our kitchen is closed on Mondays.

Bar Food

(Served until 11pm)

Edamame Hummus - Served with Vietnamese Rice Crackers (VE) 6

Kimchi Fries (VE) 7

Salt & Pepper Aubergine (VE) 8

Tofu Nuggets (VE) 8

Temple Dumplings - (VE) 8

King Prawn Toast 8

Crispy Duck & Bao Buns 15

Chunky Buddha Steak Sando 12

Bar Snacks

(available after 11pm)

Smoked Almonds 3.5

Green Olives 3.5

Vegan (VE)

Dishes may contain traces of nuts and/or Gluten and there may be cross-contamination.

If you have any allergies please consult your server.