Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions…

  1. Your website says that you’re fully booked. Do you keep any tables back for walk ins?

    We do keep some tables back for walk ins. We can’t book these out in advance though.

  2. What’s the best time to get a walk in table?

    We can't make any guarantees about a walk in table being available unfortunately.

  3. If I am not there for the live music, will I be charged the cover fee for live music?

    No. Only people present for the live music have the cover charge added to their bill.

  4. Am I guaranteed a view of the stage?

    We can’t guarantee a stage view, but if you email us at we will try and accommodate your seating request.

  5. Is there a dress code?

    Smart casual. Please leave your Arsenal shirt at home.

  6. Why don’t you take bookings of more than 8 people?

    We are an intimate venue and we find it difficult to maintain our high standards of cocktail service when we have large groups. If you are looking for a larger booking of up to 30 guest, we recommend that you contact our sister venue Oriole.

  7. Why are cocktails all the rage at the moment?

    Make a booking with us and find out!